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*****This was Video was made for educational purposes only. Represents flawed system within App. ***

***How to use Lucky Patcher “PROPERLY” link in this video link:***

**Lucky patcher download link**:


*********FIX .FIX .FIX .FIX .FIX .FIX .FIX*********
*1)make sure your lucky patcher app is updated*
*2)Go to this link to get the older version of the app which has worked for me as of Jan-2-2016*

3)Link supports channel: http://adf.ly/1TeXh1

Direct link: https://apkpure.com/kylie-jenner-official-app/com.whalerock.kylie

4) download version that says bottom of webpage
5) download, install, open app allow only about 20 secs to run then put device into airplane mode. Close app
6) Go to lucky patcher app, click on switches button on the bottom left. make sure the option that says “Google licence, Google billing, mirror original” are on and green.
7) now patch the app normally.
Hope this helps, remember restarting your device, clearing the app cache and date never hurts 🙂

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