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Are you thanking your customers who lodge complaints?


You must thank your customers for lodging complaints!

You must thank your customers who lodge complaints about unsatisfactory

services rendered.

The majority of customers will rather walk away, taking their support

elsewhere than complain when they are not satisfied with services.

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Thank those who come and complain while addressing their issues genuinely,
as they are showing a willingness to stay and address matters.
Make it a point that you do not apply the tactics of the “bedbug letter”
According to the story of the bedbug letter, a long time ago a passenger
traveling in Pullman railway sleeping car, found a bedbug in
his berth and wrote a letter of complaint to the president of
Pullman’s Palace Car Company.

The president is said to have replied that:
the company had never heard of such a thing and as a result of his
experience, all the sleeping cars were being pulled off the line and
fumigated and that the company was committed to providing its customers
with the highest level of service.

It is also said enclosed with this letter, by accident, was the passenger’s
original letter to the president, across the bottom of which he had written
a note to his secretary which said “Send this S.O.B. the standard bedbug

This is not appropriate customer service and will not bring user

You should try your best to help your customers solve the
problems that they bring to you.

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