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What problems do your customers need help with?


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You must find out what problems your customers need help with and
assist to solve them.
This should be like a patient going to a doctor complaining of pain and the
doctor finding out that the pain needs pain killers and as a result of this
giving them to the customer.

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One of your primary aims should be to find out what your clients problems
are and try to help them solve these.
It is important that we communicate with our clients and find out what
problems they are having and need help with before we come up with
interventions. We should not impose what they do not need or want on

For example, simply because you have a lead generating and converting
program, you are not going to impose it on the client against their better
judgement, pitching that they buy and use it.
However, this does not mean you cannot make your clients non pitching
offers of your products or products you are using in an effort to empower them.

As you may know I have identified a niche of generation of Network Marketing leads which I am promoting.
The aim is to end up being an expert in it and bringing a difference in
people’s lives through it.

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Author:Digokgwe Mokone

Hello, I am Digokgwe Mokone from Bronkhorstspruit in South Africa. I am building a home based business to generate income through multiple streams while helping others do the same. I am a strong believer in networking and duplication and make use of these tools in the promotion of my business as well as encourage others do the same. In addition I prefer to learn from others and copy what they do if I find it helpful rather than try to "reinvent the wheel."