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How To Make Money Online – (Top 8 Ways In 2018)


In this video, I’m showing you my top 8 ways for you to make money online in 2018.

There are loads of different options to make money online this year.

Here’s my list in no particular order:

  1. Affiliate marketing – This a great way to make money online. I recommend checking out these two links:

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Sign up to clickbank here:

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  1. Dropshipping – Another great way to make money online which has no upfront cost for you.

I made a video explaining how you can earn money online with ebay here:

I also have a blog post on it which you can read here:

4 Simple Steps To Start Making Money on eBay

  1. Become a freelancer in anything at all. This is another good method to earn income online in 2018.

Check out fiverr here:


Also check out UpWork:


  1. Usertesting – A very easy way to make money online. It takes 10 minutes for you to earn $10 every time.

Check out the video I made on it here:

  1. Become a writer or transcriptionist – Work from your laptop at home or anywhere in the world just by typing with these online jobs.

Check out the videos I made about transcribing and writing here:



  1. Teespring – Make passive income by selling t-shirts, phone cases or anything else that they have on Teespring.

Check out the video I made on this here:

  1. Crypto – Trading cryptocurrencies is another way to make money online in 2018. But be careful with this one.

Two websites I recommend to trade:

1fox (Americans can use this):


Bitmex (American’s can’t use this one):


  1. Become an influencer – This is a really difficult very highly rewarding way to make money online. Make quality content on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. Gain an audience, some fans and start making insane amounts of money online.

Thanks for watching my top 8 ways to make money online in 2018 video, guys.

I recommend you try them all and see which methods you like and work for you to start earning online income.

Good luck!

Author:Digokgwe Mokone

Hello, I am Digokgwe Mokone from Bronkhorstspruit in South Africa. I am building a home based business to generate income through multiple streams while helping others do the same. I am a strong believer in networking and duplication and make use of these tools in the promotion of my business as well as encourage others do the same. In addition I prefer to learn from others and copy what they do if I find it helpful rather than try to "reinvent the wheel."