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Are you keeping the promises you make to your customers?


You must keep the promise you make to your customers.
The recommendation is to under promise and then over deliver.
Two other options are to deliver exactly what you promised or to not
deliver at all.

The latter can have negative results as it will lead to your customers
knowing, distrusting and disliking you for not keeping your promise.
As a result of this you will not be successful in your business.

Not keeping promise reminds one of the story of the Piped Piper of
Hamelin town which is said lay on the banks of a great river in the north
of Germany and which it is stated was infested with rats in such a way
that cats could ultimately no longer kill and control them.

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Hamelin is reported to have always had a lot of rats which however had
never been a danger, for the cats had always killed them.
It is further stated that, however, the rats began to multiply all at once

Eventually, the story goes, a black sea of rats was all over the town.
First, they attacked the barns and storehouses, then they ate the wood,
cloth or anything they came across.
Metal is the one thing that it is said they didn’t eat.

The terrified citizens went to plead with the town councilors to free them
from the plague of rats. The council had actually, for a long time, been
sitting in the Mayor’s room, trying to think of a plan

The councilors and the Mayor were in a dilemma as they could not get
a remedy to get rid of the rats until a piper came and promised to get
rid of them for a thousand florins to which the Mayor made an offer
of fifty thousand if he succeeded.

The piper is reported to have then rid the town of the rats by leading
them to the river where they drowned and were swept away by the current,
for which he was then only 50 florins by the Mayor who now said he was
saving when the piper asked for payment to which he responded by attracting
all the children in the town away though the sound of his strange piping.

The children are said to have never been found except a lame boy who
had been left behind on the way and came back to tell the story!
Many years are said to have passed before the merry voices of other
children would be heard through the streets of Hamelin and that the memory
of the harsh lesson lingered in everyone’s heart and was passed down from
generation to generation through the centuries.

Thus the Mayor over promised and then tried to under deliver with
undesirable consequences.

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